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Jerry dalferro
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Ron Hill
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Actually, the Kitty Hawk launching aircraft would be in 1969, during the Korea deployment.  Stormy weather as I recall and perhaps at night.  The Kitty Hawk's air squadron commander who launched the mission to chase away the NK gunboat, was my Commanding Officer about a year later on the USS White Plains (AFS-4).  He told me he was not happy to launch planes in those conditions, but considering the Pueblo and other NK provocative actions, he didn't have much choice.
jerry Dalferro
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Ron Hill: do you have the number off of the destroyer I have been looking for a long time to identify that ship. Or maybe a photo or Internet web sights that said anything about becoming prisoners of war? I have a friend that was a high mucky mucky in communication and he said he remembers that day. The ship had all officers and Captain were Rushun, He since moved farther from me and is showing signs of Memory loss so too late, for more info from Him????
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