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Just a Heads Up.....Found this in a junk store......Kids Book "Ships of the Navy" 1953......Also.,,..I was looking in a Life Magazine ( will post when I find it ) 1967 I think.....As I remember it's a Harbor shoot from an Airplane of DaNang....And there's the Maury.....very small but I am sure it's Her.....

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Terry D. Gann
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Yes that is the USS Maury. I served on her in E-Division from August of 1967 to November of 1968. Will be waiting for the Life Magazine article and photo as well.

Thank you,

Jerry Dalferro
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I have a copy of "Life" February 25, 1966, $.35 that shows US Maury AGS-16 in Cam Ranh Harbor 
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That should be the one.....Good Eye
jerry Dalferro
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Originally Posted by Pinkston
That should be the one.....Good Eye
Jerry Dalferro
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This is an older ship, with a single barrel in the bow. 1960. the Koreans got their ships by giving the Rushen
total control of the ship ( all officers and Captin, Rushen,shanghai-ii-class-fast-attack-craft-gun 1906.jpg  control of the ship)         

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I had thought front mount was a single barrell......I will look a little more into my Jane's library.....There are many variants of the "SO1" type....In other parts of the World even......A picture from one of the crew would be the Only true answer I am guessing.....It looked NEW....I was taken by the clean lines & modern look...Keep Hunting the "Dutchman"........
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OK.....I looked at "SO1"class ships from 9 different countries....No perfect match in my mind....The Red Star on the bow along with the "New Construction" look I saw leeds me to believe it was just that....Found reference of that in a 1966-67 Janes Fighting Ships....Quote: 2 New Construction fast Sub chasers of medium size reported to be under construction for the North Korean Navy.....Crew Photo or Ships Log entry is your road forward.....Keep up hunt for your "Dutchman"......I have wondered about it for almost 50 years....
Ron Hill
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As I recall, Lt. Ewing, Ops Officer, identified at least one of the officers on the bridge of the NK ship as Russian.  The Kitty Hawk sent a plane or two over after many, many hours (the late arrival was a little disturbing since the Pueblo incident had occurred the previous year). The C.O. of the next ship I was on after Maury's decommissioning (USS White Plains), was the air boss of the Kitty Hawk at the time; he told me that they were not happy to fly in the inclement weather.  Hopefully someone can come up with a photo.  
Larry Badgett
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Larry Badgett
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USS Maury at Cam Ranh Bay 1965.jpg

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