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Terry D. Gann
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Anyone who was on the 1969 Korean Survey remember that the ship was being stalked for about 38 hours and they had their gun trained on the Maury. Did anyone happen to snap Ang photo's of the Korean ship? If so contact me.
Ron Hill
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There were sailors taking pics with their small Instamatics as I recall, so hopefully one can be obtained...sorry I don't have one.
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We checked our Jane's Fighting Ships manual on the Bridge & couldn't find it as I remember.....The QM did take pictures with his 35mm while I was on watch....Here's what I remember it looking like from a later Jane's....

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Pinkston 1st Div.
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QM HOLLAND had the 35mm I believe....
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After some research.....The weapon they trained on us might have been an RBU 1200....Also...U.S.S Pueblo was taken by an "SO1" patrol craft in 1968.....Could be our "Dutchman" that no one has a photo of...A MiG fired on Pueblo air support might of saved our ass....
Pinkston 1st Div.
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Great Story.....I am on lookout and the Korean Ship is right next to us about 100 yards to our starboard....One of there sailors is on there port rail in dungeries & a white T-shirt.....No hat....Just looking at me....I report to the OD that he is there just looking at me & the OD says..."LOOK BACK AT HIM".....We watch each other for a couple minutes.....Just staring at each other when they go to GQ....He runs to the hatch behind him & that's when they trained there weapons on us (at Me also)....There was some type of ASW weapon like a horseshoe or circle that really caught my eye....anyway....All very interesting & being a rotating watch ended before the engagement was finished....Anyone else have stories to tell....?
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Try for a better picture.....

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I noticed that Lt. L. Hudgins is on the Roster.....Has anyone had contact with him to ask about the Korean Ship....possible good source of information....
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