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emil levine
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While a junior analyst at the Navy Field Operational Intelligence Office in Aug-Sep 1968, I noted in the movement report control system that the Maury and Serrano were being ordered into Chinese territorial waters. This was flashed to the CNO and the order stopped. I received a major award for this action.

I later incidentally met someone from one of the ships and he said they assumed they were being set up for some bigger operation, and began to burn all sensitive documents!!! 

I would appreciate any feedback from your membership on this event.

Emil Levine
Captain, USNR, RET

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Jerry Dalferro
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Do you think this was the same thing as we think the Maury, was close to being captured by a North Korean sub chaser, and a submarine and two more ships over the horizon????
Frank Burgess
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I was the lead Petty Officer in V-Division on board the USS Maury AGS-16 at this time. There was not the least bit of panic or serious concern about our assignment to perform a survey off of Red China's 12 mile limit.  There was some typical Navy humor such as, "Why do we have 23 bags of mail addressed, 'To USS Peobelo' in our #1 hole."  I was responsible for V-div security safe in the drafting room and it was never unlocked at this time.  We were assigned to do a survey performed by V-div's draftsmen & surveyors using the ship's LORAN system.  Shortly after commencing the survey the ship received a message from CINCPAC to discontinue operations and return to normal shipping lanes.  Capt Levine, if you would like more info on this subject I can give you contact information for two men much more informed than I, the V-division Officer and the Hydro dept head call me at 336-918-3998.

Frank Burgess, EA-2
V-div, USS Maury AGS-16, 1968
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