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Jerry Dalferro
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Some time in during the last cruise to South Korea(1969), we were confronted by the North Korean Navy. This was less than a year after they captured the Pueblo. We had a North Korean Destroyer off our stern with their 5" guns manned and pointing at us. We were lucky enough to have an Aircraft Carrier close at hand and they sent over a couple of fighter jets and that sent them packing. I have spoke to a High Level Communications Officer 30 years later and he said "that this Nation was ready to go to war on that one". Do any of you know anything about this situation?
Dennis Mack
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I knew that but never heard any more about it. Dennis Mack SK 2, check with Ron Hill s1 div officer.
Ron Hill
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Yes, we were followed VERY closely by a NK tin can of sorts for about 36 hours or so -- I believe the ops officer reported a Soviet advisor or two on board, but that was never verified.  The Kitty Hawk launched aircraft and buzzed the somewhat threatening ship (they practiced leveling their deck guns at Maury).  I talked to the Kitty Hawk squadron commander who had launched the aircraft -- he wasn't too happy about having his pilots launch in bad weather.  He was the C.O. of the White Plains (AFS-4) which I jointed after Maury was decommissioned. 
Jerry Dalferro
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I heard that all the Officers and the captain were Rushan, This makes sense because the Rushans could capture the USS Pueblo and get away with it and we would not start a conflict with the Rushans.Who is in charge? I wanted to go in with a flotilla and get our sailors back from the Koreans, but we did not and now I know why? Any buddy else feel like we just almost became war prisoners?????
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I was on port lookout that day. It was a fast developing action. They went to general quarters and trained a weapon on us. Blocked our right of passage and tried to force us above the 38th. A nice looking DE as I recall with a red star on the bow. Looked a newer construction.
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Sorry....It was a rotating watch and I was on starboard watch when they went to general quarters. 1969 was a long time ago.
Michael Smith
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Yes I remember this as if it was yesterday. We were also followed by a submarine. I was told there was more than one ship. I figured we were put there to see if they would do it again.still very mad about this after so many years.
Pinkston 1st Div
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Check out "The Close Call" at very similar story to ours in 1969....Makes me wonder if it was a Russian ship we encountered....Did the North Koreans have a new construction ship of that size in 1969?....
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Possible "SO 1" class Corvette would be my guess...
jerry Dalferro
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       Check out this picture and see if you remember if this is what the ship looked like, maybe have a picture[%E9%A7%90%E6%B8%AF%E9%83%A8%E9%9A%8A%E8%89%A6%E8%89%87%E5%A4%A7%E9%9A%8A037II%E5%9E%8B-772%E5%B0%8E%E5%BD%88%E8%89%A6_2012a]
Marty Arnold
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You have to remember what year that was, this ship is way to new, But the one encountered appears to be of the same class.
Ron Hill
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Yes, the ship pictured is of more recent vintage than the one that followed us.  
jerry Dalferro
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I Know that the ship picture is of a newer ship but consider that there were over 300 people
on the maury that some one took a picture of the actual destroyer over the 32hrs it followed us? maybe better also picture of the jets that saved our asses???? Please 
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