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J Dunkerley
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 I'm looking for any information about my grandfather David A. Dunkerley. He died while aboard the USS Maury, 1 June 1965, just before the ship returned to Hawaii.

To my knowledge he was an Engineman First Class and served on the ship from July 1963 until his death. He served a total of 11 years and was age 34 when he passed.

If anyone served with him, or in the "R" Division and the Boat Shop I would love to hear from you. I know very little about him or what he did on the ship and any insight would be helpful.
David Allen Dunkerley 1965.jpg This is a picture of him dated 1965

Thank you all for sharing

Tom Tupper
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I served under your Grandfather in the boat shop aboard the USS Maury. He was the first class petty officer in charge of the shop and we all referred to him as DAD (his initials of coarse). He was a heck of a fellow and a friend and I shared a lot of laughs and a few beers with him. He was a small man and always well dressed which made him look like the perfect sailor. I attended his memorial service in Pearl Harbor and was I think the last of the boat shop crew to speak to him. He had came down to the shop to check on things and I was the only one there at the time. He said he needed to get back and finish his watch (we were at sea); you had to climb two landings of stairs to exit the boat shop and about half way up he stopped and said it felt like someone was hitting him in the chest with a baseball bat. I suggested he go by sick bay and he said after his watch was over he just my knowledge he never made it to sick bay. It those days we didn't know much about heart attacks and didn't realize that what was happening. It's been over fifty years so a lot of the little things have slipped away, but had you have know your Grandfather you would have like him. DAD was quite the fellow.
J Dunkerley
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That was not what I was expecting, thank you. What are the odds?.. That was a very detailed recollection of that day. I will definitely be sharing this with the rest of my family.

Thanks again Tom, and everyone else for contributing your pictures and stories. The information you guys have compiled is priceless. I will continue to search for any information about my grandfather and the USS Maury and would be happy to share what I find.
J Dunkerley
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Here are a few things I've found or been given after reaching out here.
This is the Log Book entry from the day he passed. I found this in the National Archives Catalog's online database.
I was also given scanned copies of the 63-64 and 64-65 cruise books. Here are the group photos of the "R" Division.
63-64 R Division.jpg 
64-65 R Division.jpg 
And I'm not positive that this is him(t-shirt, pollywog). This is from the 63-64 cruise book when the ship crossed the equator.
They call that justice.jpg 

Susan Dunkerley Evans
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J, I was thrilled to see these posts when your dad showed them to us last week and moved, to know you had researched and found them! Tom, I so appreciate your response to my nephew's post. This is information about my dad that I did not know, or recall. I was 5 when my dad died, with two older brothers and a younger sister and younger brother. My mom was expecting her sixth child (J's dad) who was born a little over one month after our dad's death. We lost mom to cancer last year so our link to our past is all the more important, and difficult. How wonderful to now have this first hand account of our dad. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and memories. God bless you, and all those who serve/served.

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